• 02 Dic 2013 - 03 Dic 2013
  • Aula Marconi
  • Roma
  • 03 Dic 2013 - Parte III
  • 13:30 - 16:30 Environment and health in Europe Chairs: Fabrizio Bianchi & Adrienne Pittman Dorota Jarosinska EEA-EIONET activities in environment and health Francesca Racioppi European process on environment and health Manolis Kogevinas Crucial issues in Horizon 2020: the ISEE position Enrico Brugnoli CNR in Environment and Health Adrienne Pittman The ERA-ENVHEALTH perspectives Italian representative EC DG Research and Innovation - Horizon 2020: opportunities for novel, integrated, innovative research GENERAL DISCUSSION ON A NOVEL FUTURE FOR ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH ACTIVITIES IN EUROPE. Invited speakers: the NGOs “ISDE”, “Legambiente”, “Greenpeace”
  • AA. VV.