8th Symposium on Aquatic Microbial Ecology - SAME-8

  • Luogo: Taormina
  • Città: Taormina
  • Periodo: 25 ottobre 2002, 30 ottobre 2002
Giorno: 27 agosto 2002
Investigation of cyanophage diversity in the Red Sea

A. Millard

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Giorno: 25 ottobre 2002
Opening Cerimony

Laura Giuliano - IAMC CNR - Sez. Messina

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A. Ferlozzo

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S. Greco

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FEMS Introduction

J. Fry

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Aquatic Microbial Ecology on the Forefront of Ecosystem, Regional and Global Change

H. Pearl

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Giorno: 26 ottobre 2002
Bacterioplankton exoplymers and their role in the oceanic DOM cycling

G.J. Herndl

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Induction of bacterial ectoenzymatic activity in response to iron fertilization

J.M. Arrieta

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Salinity as a selective factor for aquatic bacteria degrading riverine DOC

S. Langenheder

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Methods for measuring bacterial degradation of peptidoglycan

N.O.G. Jorgensen

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Micorbial succession in response to oxygenation of deep granitic aquifer

S. Kotelnikova

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Measuring bacterial carbon production: a comparison of routinely applied methods

R. Autio

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Marine aerobic photosynthetic bacteria. New metabolic strategy in the ocean

M. Koblizek

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Major interannual variations in microbial dynamics in the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea) and their ecosystem implcations

S. Fonda Umani

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Planktonic carbon budget in a wind-driven upwelling coastal system (NW Iberian Peninsola)

E. Teira

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Seasonal dynamics of organic carbon remineralization by heterotrophic bacteria in the Southern North Sea

T. Reinthaler

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Stable isotope biogeochemistry of methane formation in profundal sediment of Lake Kinneret (Israel)

R. Conrad

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Impact of protozoan grazing on the benthic bacterial community in a silty freshwater sediment

C. Wieltschnig

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Control of biogeochemical cycling by mobility and metabolic strategies of microbes in the sediments

K. Wirtz

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Is phosphorus limitation of heterotrophic bacteria and accumulation of degradable organic carbon a normal phenomenon in phosphorus limited systems? A microcosm study

O. Vadstein

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Role of mixotrophic flagellates and of Daphnia longispina in a small fishless alpine lakes

C. Callieri

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Impact of riverine bacteria on bacterioplankton community composition

E. Lindstrom

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Giorno: 27 ottobre 2002
Microbial communities in acidic mining lakes


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Bacterial diversity of foodplain pools

K. Besemer

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Gene transfer and diversity in microorganism: fluxes and standing stoks of genetically encoded information

M. Weinbauer

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Horizontal gene transfer in marine Synechococcus

M.R.J. Clokie

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Are viruses in the benthic domain ecological relevant?

R. Danovaro

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Modeling temporal dynamics of viral infection of bacterioplankton using artificial neural network methodology

C. Winter

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Quantitative assessment of picoeukaryotes using taxon specific oligonucleotide probes in association with TSA-FISH (Tyramide Signal Amplification & Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization) and flow cytometry

I. Biegala

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Diversity of archaeal communities associated with hydrothermal vent samples from the East-Pacific rise, 9°N, 13°N and Mid-Atlantic ridge 36°N

O. Nercessian

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Massive occurence of heterotrophic filaments in acidified lakes: seasonal dynamics and composition

J. Vrba

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Giorno: 28 ottobre 2002
Biological diversity throughout a salinity gradient

F. Rodriguez-Valera

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Microbial communities inhabiting unusual aquatic environments

M.M. Yakimov

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Photosynthesis in hypersaline microbial mats: unusual dependence on oxygen concentration

S. Grotzschel

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A matter of size: does small-scale turbulence affect bacterial biomass

A. Malits

Shallow alkaline pools are natural bioreactors harbouring extremely fast-growing bacterial communities

A.K.T. Kirschner

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Diversity of moderately halophilic bacteria producing extracellular hydrolytic enzymes

A. Ventosa

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Specific mechanisms behind photochemical effects on microbial activity

L.J. Tranvik

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Effect of resource enrichment on grazed and ungrazed bacterioplankton communities of a meso-eutrophic reservoir

K. Simek

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From microbial genomes to microbial ecology

M.Y. Galperin

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Nitrogen fixation in a Zostera nolti meadow: regulation, distribution in the rhizosphere and the role of sulfate reducing bacteria

D.T. Welsh

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Influence of sediment-dwelling insects on nitrifying bacteria in freshwater sediments

D. Altmann

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Grazing, starvation, food abundance: shaping the size-structure of bacteria with high phenotipic plasticity

G. Corno

Microbial mineralization in sediments is stimulated by insect larvae

P. Stief

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Assessment of bacterial cell surface properties in bacterial cultures


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An improved method for identification of nanoflagellates

C. Beardsley

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Taxon specific bacterial grazing rates of flagellates in lake Annecy – importance of mixotrophy in microbial food web

D. Fontvieille

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Molecular analysis of microbial communities in sediments of water reservoirs

C. Bleul

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Possible primary precipitation of dolomite in contemporary sediments in a shallow hypersaline environment (Gallocanta Lake, Zaragoza, Spain)

A. Corzo

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New bacilli from marine vents producers of exopolysaccharides

T. Maugeri

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Giorno: 29 ottobre 2002
Genetic and functional diversity of marine petroleum degrading bacteria

S. Harayama

Functional genom analysis of Alcanivorax borkumensis SK2

P.N. Golyshin

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Proteomic assessment of molecular diversity and niche specialization in the metal-binding domain of microbial delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase

D. Ogunseitan

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Shewanella livingstonensis strain GAMM-17P: moderate psycrhophlic hydrocarbonoclastic Antarctic bacterium which produces high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PU-FAS)

G. Gentile

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In-situ PCR amplification of alkM and gyrB genes in Acinetobacter venetianus

R. Fani

Identification of microviridin J a new bioactive metabolite from Microcystis – bioactivity, biosynthetic genes and regulation under various environmental conditions

M. Kaebernick

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Microbial structure and dynamics following a bioremediation treatment

I. Gallizia

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Crude oil degrading bacteria: microcosms experiments

S. Scarfì

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Detection of enteroviruses using Quantitative PCR for assessment of estuarine and coastal microbiological water quality

R. Noble

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Dynamics of a microcystin producing mixed Aphanizomenon flos-aquae and Microcystis aeruginosa winter bloom (Funcho – South Portugal)

M.P. Reis

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Vibrio cholerae non-01/-0139 as health-based indicator of water quality at fresh-saltwater interface: lessons from its space-time distribution in the Rance upper estuary (Britainy-France)

S. Baron

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Organic carbon cycling within hyporheic zone of a small lowland stream

M. Rulík

Typification of oligotrophic lakes using the ciliate assemblage

M. Macek

Metabolic activity of bacterial communities in Lake Kinneret (Israel): some results and dilemmas


Bacterial uptake of DOM released from P-limited phytoplankton

A. Puddu

Beggiatoa spp In the N-cycle of the Baltic Sea

E.B.A. Wieringa

Biogenic-trace metal interactions in marine enviroments

J.L. Dixon

Microbial events at the interfaces of stratified Norwegian fjord

H.G. Hoppe